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These are actual deals that were closed using the Find IT, Flip IT, Cash IT Method!

Case Study #1- Drive For Dollars 

I was out driving for dollars one day and found this beauty!!


I immediately wrote down the address and the street the property was located on.  I headed back to my office and began to search google to locate the seller’s contact information.  I did not have any information on the seller besides this address. I was able to find the seller through the tax records, but still no phone number to make contact. Having the address helped a great deal, I decided to go deeper in my research by using a paid service to provide more information on the seller.


BOOM!! I now had the information I needed to move forward and make contact with the owner/seller. 

I called the seller and asked if he owned a property at the address located in Decatur, Ga. He said he did. He was eager to sell fast because he had some issues he was trying take care of immediately!  


Because of the method I use to flip properties, I knew I could make this process quick, easy, and profitable for the both of us.  

We needed a clear title to close fast!! I asked how much he wanted for the property, he was asking 70k!! Needless to say we negotiated  until we both came to a number we were happy with!  We settled at 35k, I sold the house for 45k! We had on ARV on this baby for 165k!!

My Profit on this deal was 10K

The deal closed without any "Earnest Money" from me!! Period!!

Driving for Dollars!!!

I purchased  a property list from a list company. This list had about 1000 properties listed on it.  


With these types of leads, I knew I would get the best results by hand writing my letters. It would be insane to write 1000 letters by hand all by myself  so I enlisted the help of my nephews.  A list like this required massive action!  I agreed to pay them $500 each for assisting with the writing  and mailing process.  It was a sweet deal if I do say so myself.    They were in and ready to work!! 

Every letter and envelope was hand written, all 1000 of them!


After completing the task of preparing the letters for mail. The next day I mailed out all of the letters. 


It took 3-5 days before I received any response back.

The first  two calls didn't yield any results.


Case Study #2- Direct Mail

Finally my 3rd call was my big Payday!! Tony! Tony was a professional football player who lived in Florida. He called me and said that he had 3 properties he wanted to sell and he would have someone call me in a few days.


A few days passed and I did get a call from a realtor. This realtor was  like non other I had known. She knew how to work with investors! 

I was  super excited when I found out she was investor friendly!!  She told me her client wasn't interested in listing the properties, because he wanted to sell them fast. However, he did want to make his money back. I asked her how much was he willing to sell the properties for? She said he wanted 100k for each property.

After taking a look at the 3 properties. I decided to make 3 separate offers because I decided to buy them individually rather than bundle them. We went back and forth, back and forth. I thought we would never settle on a number. I was about to walk away.

Something told me to try once more to get a number we both would be happy with. Finally, we settled for 35k for the 1st property. I priced it and sold it for 45k making a 10k profit. We settled for 30k for the 2nd property. I sold this one for 40k walking away with 10k profit on this one as well. 


The last property we closed the negotiations out at 45k this one was tight. I was determined to get it done anyway. This 3rd and final property was a huge challenge and took me longer than normal to sell. Moving forward with all efforts, refusing to quit we sold it for a nice profit! We marketed this one for 60k and sold it for 45k.   

I sold property #1 for 45k Made A Profit of 10k

I sold property #2 for 45k Made A Profit of 10k   

I sold property #3 for 60k Made a Profit of 15k  

These deals happened without any "Earnest Money" from me!! Period!!   

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